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Posted by Anisha | Posted in , , , | Posted on 5/12/2010

If you're reading  food is my nish, you know that I am quite fond of all things sweet. I love writing chocolate reviews, visiting cupcakeries, and finishing savory meals with sweets.

Recently, I applied to become an Examiner to cover desserts in Los Angeles, but what the heck does that mean? What is

I honestly didn't read the online publication until a couple of months ago, around the time I started blogging about food and tweeting my meals. From what I understand, it's an online hub for local writers to wax poetic about things they are passionate about. In my case, it's only natural that I chose desserts!

Here's a link to my first article about Egyptian basbousa at Susan Feniger's Street:

 I've ordered it twice. Yummay!

I'd truly appreciate any feedback, good or bad! Thanks for reading!

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