Desserts Are My Nish


Posted by Anisha | Posted in | Posted on 12/29/2010

Hello all (rather, all who are left),

I know I haven't been blogging here as often as I should/could/want to, but I've changed my focus and commitment to blogging about food. After a year or so of blogging, I've realized that desserts are my nish. I can ramble on and on about French macarons and dessert menus, but my tongue starts to knot when it comes to all things savory.

So please, forward your attention to the sweeter things in life: I'm still tweeting from @foodismynish and for desserts-only tweets @52desserts. You can reach me at not one, but two email addresses: foodismynish [at] gmail [dotcom] and 52desserts [at] gmail [dotcom].

At least once a week, you'll read about dessert trends, favorite recipes, and dessert menu reviews in Los Angeles! Now you'll know where to head for dessert and how combining bacon with chocolate is so 2010.

Thanks for reading! I'll hope you'll make the transition to 52desserts!

From the sweet teeth of,
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