Chiffon de Pastry Art: Green Tea Macarons


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2011 will be the Year of the Macaron on food is my nish, but that explanation will come later. First, I must tell you the story of how I popped my macaron cherry...

Just a few weeks before my sophomore year of college, my family decided to drop what they were doing and head to London and Paris. It was the opportune moment and by far, one of my favorite family excursions to date. Without sounding too cheesy, Europe is where I discovered my passion for talking about food and exactly how I like to travel, through food. After browsing through the Louvre galleries, we stopped for some sweets at Laudrée and that was where I met the macaron. Needless to say, I thought this "cookie" was phenomenal.

I wanted to perfect them in my own kitchen, but after several ugly mac-batches I'm in dire need of professional intervention by a dessert goddess. If you have anyone in mind, shoot me their contact information!

Thankfully, a few patisseries around Los Angeles delve out these beauties. That being said, your macaron need not be imported from Pierre Hermé or Laudrée. Even this sample of Parisians cannot tell the difference between McDonald's and Laudrée. And you thought you'd never see the day when McDonald's carried little Macs.

Chiffon de Pastry Art was a darling find in Arcadia, thanks to my bestie Jessica. Even though both of us were pregnant with food, twins Slaw Dogs and Polkatots, she insisted that I try their macarons. How could I, ms. sweet teeth, say no?

what pretty green feet! 

I haven't had the pleasure of trying a green tea macaron before, so I don't have much to compare it to. The macaron and its filling were made of matcha powder, the same powder used to flavor mochi and green tea ice cream. Due to the bitter, earthy taste of the matcha, the macaron wasn't very sweet and well-balanced. If you're a lover of matcha green tea, this is your kind of macaron. Mine, not so much.

flavors: green tea, strawberry, chocolate mango

Macarons were reasonably priced at $2.25 for their large size. The texture was a bit too chewy and you'd be better off heading to Euro Pane in Pasadena for their sea salt caramel and pistachio macarons. Opt for Chiffon's namesake instead!

Now that I've whet your appetite, feel free to send a macaron my way via red envelope!

Food in Song, Song in Food


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Photo credit: Caroline Russock via seriouseats

"where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies"
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, Beatles 
paired with David Lebovitz' Lime-Marshmallow Pie

"I'll make you banana pancakes
pretend it's like the weekend now"

Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson
paired with Flappy Jack's banana nut pancakes, Route 66


"Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Honey if I get restless
Baby you're not that kind"

Don't Go Breaking My Heart, Elton John & Kiki Dee
paired with Intelligentsia's mocha, Venice

"O khaaike paan banaaras wala
khul jaaye band akal kaa taala...
yeh paan toh aayi hamri jaan mein jaan"

eating paan from Banares
opens up the locks on your brain...
this betel leaf (paan) brought life back in me

Khaike Paan Banaraswala, Don
paired with fresh paan from Saffron Spot, Artesia

On that note (har har), I just bought musical cookie cutters from Sur La Table.
Other contenders: Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice and Peaches N Cream, 112

Ice Cream Sandwich Cartooned


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Sunday night blurb:
chocolate chip² ice cream sandwich

All weekend I've been playing around with photo-editing software, when I should have been studying. When I first started blogging, a year or so ago, I didn't think I'd make the effort to edit each and every picture I've taken. That being said, don't you dig this cartooned chocolate chip² ice cream sandwich? It's a bit chippy up top, but when did too much chocolate chips pose a problem?

More photo-centric food posts to come!
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