Ginger Cappuccino a la Anisha

Posted by Anisha | Posted in , , | Posted on 9/19/2010

I've been obsessed with ginger cappuccinos ever since my first sip of an orange-ginger latte at Klatch Coffee in Ontario. If I could only live with only one root vegetable, ginger would place first. I'm a fan of it it in all forms: fried pakoda-style, candied, ginger beers in Moscow mules, and even nibbled on raw.

I didn't think of making a ginger cappuccino until I was chatting with my mom, as she prepper ginger for daal. Minutes later, our Breville espresso machine was warming up and I was pulverizing ginger into shreds. If you're feeling like an earthy warm beverage, try a ginger cappuccino a la Anisha:

grate about a thumb's worth of ginger

steam three ounces of cold milk. make sure to get your foam on!
pull two shots worth of espresso straight into your saucer and then pour the foamy milk.

 if you like your capps sweet, stir in some brown sugar.
grate a bit of ginger for garnish!

If you aren't fond of ginger, you probably won't enjoy this cappuccino. If you love masala chai, this steamy beverage will be your best buddy this Fall. Speaking of chai, one of my pet peeves is the phrase "chai tea latte" because translated it is "tea tea latte." So unless you're okay with ATM machines and PIN numbers, go ahead and call those Starbucksian poorly spiced lattes "chai tea."

Go "greet ginger" when you caffeinate next and tell me how you like it! 

Comments (4)

mmmm...sounds good.

don't know why I've never tried this!?

I love ginger!

have you tried Hitachino's Ginger Ale?

I've got to make you one sometime and you can critique my foam in exchange!

No, I haven't tried Hitachino's. I'll keep a look out and report back!

I've got milk, whole beans & gigner..I'll come up with something since I'm trying to be good & not getting an espresso machine eventhough my inner Barista thinks otherwise!!

Do you have an ice cream machine? Because I'll be making ginger coffee gelato soon!

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