Pastry Chef Jashmine Corpuz' Peachy Take on Desserts

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A day or so ago, I posted a short and oh so very sweet list of some mouthwatering peachy desserts around Los Angeles. In celebration of National Peach Month, Drago Centro's Pastry Chef, Jashmine Corpuz, had a little something to add:

from Pastry Chef Jashmine's iPhone:
"le palacinche"

Le palacinche is Italian for sweet crepes filled with fruit and a cheese component, namely ricotta or mascarpone (but please, correct me if I'm wrong). In this case, Chef Jashmine fills her crepes with a roasted white chocolate and tops these golden specimens with  peach and nectarine compote, toasted silvered almonds, and vanilla gelato.

Sounds phenomenal, right? It's an added benefit knowing that the Regier red top peaches and Balderama white nectarines are sourced from Santa Monica Farmer's Market.

In addition to the mouthwatering description provided by the pastry chef herself, here's a peachy tip Jashmine wanted to share with you...

Peach and Nectarine Compote
  • In a medium sized pot, cook the ripest peaches with sugar, vanilla, and a bit of white wine
  • Cook until the mixture is tender and then puree with a hand blender
  • Use this puree to cook the peaches that are semi-firm, as it will bring out the best of the under ripe peaches
If you've yet to try Drago Centro's desserts, I strongly suggest that you head on over. At so many restaurants, desserts are either a hit or miss, but I have yet to have one off-putting experience at Drago Centro thanks to this very talented pastry chef!

Pastry chef Jashmine Corpuz & me! 

Thank you so much for the insider's look at le palacinche!

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Comments (3)

AV, been a few times to Drago DTLA but I've never ordered their sweets! Next time I will. Tks 4 this!

i have never been to drago centro but now i really have a reason to - that looks amazing!

Mike: You *must* try their desserts. I'm a big fan of the bomboloni, as the accompaniments change with the season! Oh and best tiramisu in LA!

Actor's Diet: If you go make sure to try their bar bites, premium cocktails, AND their desserts (of course!) I'm a sucker for the Serenity Now cocktail and each dessert on the menu!

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