Red Bell Peppers Two Ways: Roasted & Sandwiched at Euro Pane

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When you're young, you don't quite appreciate the flavors of certain vegetables. Well... at least I didn't.

I loved all things green    spinach, peas, broccoli, you name it! Basically, I was infatuated with every vegetable portrayed in the media as the cliché combatant at the dinner table. Go figure. The only vegetable I really despised, which somehow always snuck its way onto greasy Pizza Hut pizzas and into sandwiches were bell peppers.

Oh how times have changed!

A decade later, I have found a new love for these vibrant and nutritious members of the capsicum family. I just roasted some red bell peppers to accompany a spicy halibut with avocado mash, perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

 thin strips of red bell pepper brushed in olive oil, roasted at 375°
 seasoned with white pepper, black pepper, & salt

I love a bit of char!

I was inspired to purchase some bell peppers after a trip to Euro Pane last Saturday. Lucky for me, Euro Pane is only a hop, skip, and jump away from my stomping grounds and a hotspot for Pasadenans.  Sandwiched between eight hours of CPA prep courses, I was determined to try their popular open faced egg sandwich on my lunch break, but I already spoiled the ending for you guys...

An hour of downtime wasn't enough to beat local traffic and eat there, so I opted for a more portable meal. It's a tale of two red bell peppers, ending with a red bell pepper and goat cheese sandwich on multigrain bread:

I was ecstatic that I opted for the "lighter" vegetarian option on their menu. The bell peppers were awfully succulent and meaty, in a "I-can't-believe-I'm-not-being-carnivorous" way. The sandwich was a tad bit soggy by the time I got to demolish it, but demolish it, I did. Next time, I'll ask them to slightly toast the bread for a good crunch factor.

had no idea the sandwich came with a chocolate chip cookie
what a pleasant surprise!

Another day, we'll talk about Euro Pane's buttery croissants, almond tea cake, and sea salt caramel macarons...

Euro Pane Bakery
950 E Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91106

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I finally got over the other day to the new EP across Paseo Colorado. Tried their new Pulled Pork SW. It was surprisingly good!

When/Time is your Indie crawl again??

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