Nights with Névé at Osteria La Buca

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Never ever in my wildest dreams did I expect to gush about ice in a post. You know... when water freezes at 0° Celsius? That's the ice I'm talking about. The only difference is that Névé luxury ice is super duper fancy and very practical for the cocktail enthusiast.

No one enjoys a watered down cocktail and Névé offers a solution: ice made of the purest water, frozen carefully to ensure the slowest rates of dilution. The ice is consciously shaped to fit your glass snug and to have the least amount of surface area, a poor quality of regular ice that quickens the melting process. If the ice doesn't melt as fast, your drink will just taste like its original self for much longer!

straws were most necessary!
the Collins/Hi-Ball Ice, used in the Eloper

cocktail chique! 
inscribed square block of Névé "old-fashioned" ice

 I spy a chest full of ice!

Névé thinks out of the square mold: the ice can be flavored or shaped in compact spheres. These spheres enable professional bartenders to shake without the fear of having the ice explode and hence, dilute the beverage. Michel also mentioned that vanilla Névé ice tastes divine in whiskey    yum!  
sharing their cocktails & the Névé mission:
Steve Livigni, La Descarga
Michel Dozois, Névé

Osteria La Buca provided a soon-to-be developed offshoot of their restaurant for the night's festivities. Event-goers ventured through a back alley and into this speakeasy-like room. Masking tape on both the floor and walls showcased how the space will be revamped. Owner Graham Snyder and designer Brendan Ravenhill explained the transformation of the room as an inviting "oasis where wine and prosciutto flow abundantly!" 

Light appetizers from Osteria La Buca were passed out during the event, but my photographer JC failed to capture most of the snacks. His reason why he didn't get several shots? It was a damn good one    he was "too buzzed."

 the Eloper
Dimmi Italian liqueur, vodka, lemon juice, cantaloupe, & prosecco

I'm a bit biased about this drink, as I despise cantaloupe, the main ingredient of the Eloper. A few years ago, I ate an entire rotten cantaloupe and ended up staying in a hospital overnight thinking that the melon did me in. Since then, I try to avoid it; unless it's mixed with booze, that is. Can't let a good drink go to waste, right?

The Eloper wasn't my favorite cocktail, but was definitely an unique attempt by Steve Livigni of La Descarga. Dimmi, a floral Italian liqueur, paired well with the fruity and bubbly components of the beverage. A prosciutto garnish gave the beverage a much needed salty component to complement the sweet melon.

Check out artist Champion Grubbs' chalk rendition of the Eloper:

art & booze pair well
Nights with Névé: Drink as Art was very successful in producing hangovers!

the silencio Dolce
Zaya rum, Averna Amaro, Nocello walnut liqueur, blood orange juice

My second favorite drink that night was the silencio Dolce. I am quite fond of rum-based beverages, due to college stints with Sailor Jerry. What I truly loved about this cocktail was the rim on the glass. You see those specks of black powder? Coffee grounds. Freakin' genius, right? I was constantly rotating the glass so every fresh citrus sip would experience the earthy coffee flavor.

Michel showing off a bottle of Cynar
the primary ingredient is artichoke
(oh and next to that bottle in the pretty blouse, that's me sippin')

Okay, I'm going to say it...

I crush on people whose passion for something exudes from their pores, especially when the topic is food and booze. It's no wonder Michel Dozois created Névé luxury ice as he's so friggin' hot in a "I love booze so much I'm going to kiss this bottle of sweet vermouth" way.

Italian Stallion
scotch, Carpano Antica, Cynar
my favorite cocktail that night!

Overhearing a group of us chatting about his first cocktail, Michel came over and showed us the components of the Italian Stallion: Cynar and his favorite vermouth, Carpano Antica. He kissed the bottle repeatedly    for pictures, of course    and proceeded to pour our group a glass of the sweet vermouth. Ila of i nom things, her fiancé Hiroki, and friend JC passed along the glass of precious vermouth as if we were a bunch of kids sharing a joint. The Carpano Antica was reminiscent of sweet tea and tasted quite delightful. According to Michel, it should retail for about $30 and is a great addition to any liquor cabinet.

putting all his eggs in one basket

I was a bit giddy when I spotted the eggs. I scanned the drink menu and spotted "egg whites" as a component of Michel's second drink, "I Luv Lucy." Named after his blushing girlfriend (who was also in attendance), Michel cracked up egg whites, whiskey, lemon juice, and his other love, Carpano Antica, for the last drink of the evening.

protein with my booze, I like!

I Luv Lucy
Whiskey, Carpano Antica, lemon juice, egg white

The I Luv Lucy ended the evening on a frothy note for my plus one and myself. We ducked out a bit early to make a dinner reservation with some family visiting from India at Susan Feniger's Street, even though I was dying to sample the rest of Osteria La Buca's menu! We will be back La Buca!

Thank you Citysearch Los Angeles for the pair of tickets, Dan Cox, owner Graham Snyder for the delicious bites, professional bartender Steve Livigni, and the m-ice-termind behind Névé Michel Dozois!
The next Night with Névé? Leave it to public relations expert Dan Cox to hint that a booze bus is the works! Where can you get your Névé ice cocktail experience on? Drink up here:

Restaurants & Bars

Bring Névé home for your next cocktail party:

Bar Keeper - Silverlake, CA
K & L- Hollywood, CA
Wally's Wine & Spirits- Westwood, CA
Wine House- West Los Angeles, CA

Photo Credit: JC Chang, my brother from another mother & photographer

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i was working so i totally missed the event! looks like it was fun and man those cocktails look good!

Next time you need to take a dependable Designated Fotographer with you.

Nastassia: Next time -- booze bus!

Mike: Are you volunteering? ;)

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