Little India Food Crawl: Agenda & RSVP for 5/16

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It was only a month ago when I decided to host a Little India Food Crawl! Since then, I've received an overwhelming response from readers, tweeple, and fellow bloggers. Throughout the crawl, there will be informational packets to link what you're eating with the region in India. We'll also be touring the markets for some groceries to take home and hopefully see a demonstration or two!

The crawl will begin on May 16, 2010 at 1:00PM (eat a light breakfast or just fast) and will formally end at 6:00PM. Join and leave the crawl when you desire, but keep in mind each destination will focus on different regional cuisine. Every stop in the crawl is in walking distance of each other, so just park your car, join the group, and eat your Little Indian heart out! All times are estimated -- once you RSVP w/ your email address, contact information will be provided to make sure you don't get lost!

1st Course    
      Surati Farsan Mart
      11814 186th St
      Artesia, CA 90701
      ETA: 1:00PM

2nd Course  
      Tangy Tomato***
      18728 Pioneer Blvd
      ETA: 2:00PM

*** location subject to change due to the "surprise component"

      ETA: 3:00PM-3:30PM
Unlike elementary school, food crawlers are given a thirty minute break sans brown bag. There may be a surprise component to this crawl during the break. More details to come!

3rd Course  
      Udupi Palace
      18635 Pioneer Blvd
      ETA: 3:30PM

4th Course    
      Saffron Spot
      18744 Pioneer Blvd
      ETA: 4:30PM

In addition to eating... we will be in and out of local markets (will school y'all on ingredients to make the same food at home!) and perusing stores. If you're feeling really adventurous, get henna tattoos from Ziba or your eyebrows threaded!

What to bring?
* your appetite and fat pants
* camera for food porn, of course!
* Twitter enabled cell phones to make everyone drool/jealous! Use #LittleIndia during our crawl!

How much $ should I bring for the crawl?

Well, how hungry are you? I think each person won't be able to move after $10-15 worth of food, provided we're sharing. Bring some extra cash if you want to buy some goodies from the markets, trinkets from stores, and the like.

Include your name, email address, and the # of guests you will be bringing

(1) email or (2) leave a comment on this post
or (3) contact via Facebook fan page under Events tab

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Sounds like so much fun, but I have a birthday party that afternoon. Hope I can make it to the next one!

I do believe I'll be in attendance, +1, at least. I'll keep you posted.
AND, I will do a bike ride or something before, and then can eat whatEVER!!
:D Can't wait.

Add 1 more to the list!

Esi: Next time!

Noelle & Chrystal: I'll send you information via Facebook message later tonight!

I hope it went well! Also I hope to join you on the next one!

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

Bianca: Yes, I think it went very well! Hope you can make it to the next one!

When is the next one!? I can almost taste it already!

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