French Macaron Failure #1: Chocolate with Chocolate Ganache

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 Never judge a macaron by its exterior.
   Anisha, food is my nish

I proudly jumped on the French macaron bandwagon! I've adored French macarons after trying them at Ladurée in Paris, four years ago; perfect place to burst your macaron-cherry, no? I distinctly remember how cautiously our server picked up each macaron with tongs and placed it in a bed of tissue paper within a tiny box. Before I could even taste it, I knew I was about to revel in something special.

I've been scouring Los Angeles for the yummiest ones, but more about that obsession in another post. Annoyed with the sheer amount of money I blow on these tiny bites of joy, I took upon the arduous task of making and eating them!

Being a chocoholic and all, it was inevitable that the chocolate macaron would be my first attempt. Traditionally, macarons did not have fillings (buttercream, glaze, ganache, etc.) and were simply fused together right out of the oven. Thrilled that times have changed, I settled on a chocolate ganache as the glue to the sandwich!

Google led me to David Lebovitz' tried and true chocolate macaron recipe.

* Separate egg whites and leave at room temperature for two days. check!
* Measure ingredients using a weighing scale. fail! In my defense, the scale was broken!
* Use a food processor to grind down the almond meal into powder. check!
* Space macarons an inch apart. fail! I don't know what made me do this:

poor babies didn't have room!

The only difficulty I had in preparing this recipe was folding the wet and dry batches. Folding in the first half of the batter was a simple task, but the second resulted in a lot of lumps. If anyone has any tips, please let me know!

glossy semi-sweet chocolate ganache

For the ganache, I settled on a random recipe online that required the least amount of heavy cream, no butter, and no corn syrup. I kept it simple stupid and used 3/4 of a cup heavy cream to one cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips from Trader Joe's. I made the ganache a day earlier, knowing it takes a while to set and cool.

at least they had "feet"

The only problem with the macarons was the outside. It was bumpy and too fragile, in comparison to ones I've tried. Also, some formed quake-lines right down the middle. I'm not sure if it was the temperature (350°) or the folding of the batter. The interior was chewy, a perfect cookie-brownie hybrid. 

Taste testers, JC and my dad, enjoyed the final product. My dad, having tried at least five different macarons, loved my version of the chocolate macaron. He said, and I quote, "they look ugly, but this ganache is very good." Tonight was JC's first time trying a macaron and he gladly ate another. Daddy persisted until we finished all the macarons on the plate. I'm very thankful that they were tasty, otherwise I wouldn't feel like I had the street cred to comment on the macarons of other patisseries!

in true HIMYM fashion: kids, what did we learn today?
never judge a macaron by its exterior! 

My next batch will *hopefully* taste like a sweet Thai curry with coconut buttercream filling! My goal is to perfect the macaron by June 19, the next Eat My Blog charity bake sale!

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I thought it was, never judge a Macaron by it's baker...or blogger!

AV, remember: you're 1 failure closer 2 success.

I like your thinking! I have made plenty of desserts that look horrible, but taste amazing. I'm not very good at presentation. Congrats on attempting maccarons though. I'm too scared to.

At least you're doing better than I am. I have yet to try making macarons. But I do love eating them though. :) But seriously I'm sure your next batch will work out.

Mike: Haha... or judge a baker/blogger by its macaron! Thanks for the macaron support on both Facebook fan page & the blog!

Miss Cupcake Activist: Thank you! I was horrified that I'd make an awful macaron, because I love them so much! You should definitely try it and post results :)

Jenn: Doooo it! I really want to make the curry ones for Eat My Blog.

The David Lebovitz chocolate maracon recipe is one of my favorites. I have a slight obsession with macarons, so there are plenty of tips and posts about macarons on my site if you want to check it out :) definitely try again!

I'd still eat them! :)

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