Drago Centro's People's Cocktail Contest: Week One -- Blueberries

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From blending smoothies to perfecting foam, my choice of high school employment made it clear that one day I would dabble in mixology... and drinking. In the coming year, I hope to pursue professional bartending courses, but that won't stop me from entering Drago Centro's People's Cocktail Contest!

How to Enter:
1. make a cocktail using an ingredient picked by Michael Shearin, Drago Centro's Beverage Director & Sommelier
2. tweet your drink recipe to @dragocentro with the hashtag #pplscocktail
3. follow @dragocentro & @michaelshearin for ingredients & winners

Read extensive details about the contest from the "mayor" of Drago Centro, the Minty.

I let the ingredients dictate my beverage and not the other way around. Earlier today, I picked up some decent blueberries and the mintiest mint known to mankind. In my very honest opinion, it's hard to find good blueberries.. I've tried. I should have used frozen blueberries (thank you Stephanie for pointing that out) which retains flavor much better.

Since my basket included the mintiest of mint leaves, I decided to put an Italian spin on the mojito. I tried very hard to emulate the smokiness of the arancia meccanicca and the layers of flavors achieved by the maracana. In true Drago Centro fashion, I named the cocktail "tramonto blu" or "blue sunset." Let's see how it fares...

tramonto blu
Disaronno, Sailor Jerry, market blueberries, lime juice, mint leaves, agave nectar

   2.5 oz blueberries
   1.5 oz Amaretto Disaronno
   2.25 oz Sailor Jerry
   juice of one lime
   two large sprigs of mint
   1 tsp. agave nectar

   demerara/turbinado sugar (clearly, couldn't find my box)
   one mint leaf
   skewer of three blueberries
   slice of lime

My Tweets:

@dragocentro 2.5 oz blueberries, 2.25 oz Sailor Jerry, 1.5 oz Disaronno, 2 sprigs mint, juice of 1 lime, 1 tsp. agave nectar #pplscocktail

@dragocentro Muddle BBs, mint, lime juice, & agave. Shake w/ Disaronno & Sailors. Strain. Rim w/ sugar, lime, mint, BB skewer #pplscocktail

@dragocentro Serve on the rocks. Named "tramonto blu" or "blue sunset" -- here's a picture: http://bit.ly/drA9is #pplscocktail

Yes, the drink looks a bit watered down. No, it shouldn't taste that way with the right ice. I ran out of fresh cubed ice and ended up using crushed ice    never again! Better yet, just use Névé!

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