Anatolian Cultures & Food Festival Sneak Bite: 5/6 - 5/9

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On Thursday, my friend and I spent an entire day at the 2nd Annual Anatolian Cultures & Food Festival in Irvine. I wasn't going to post about this just yet, but I figured I'd wet your appetite and that it was my duty to send you there Saturday or Sunday. Please don't miss it!

 the Sultan and his committee

Doner chicken kebab on a bed of pilaf

drink yogurt milk from faucets

marching band of soldiers

sticky ice cream from Maras, made of wild orchids
presented with flair     you'll know what I mean

whirling dervishes
Sema, the universal movement

famous Turkish TV chef-lebrity, cooking demonstration

the sweetest lady making the sweetest dessert
kenefe (next picture)

made with shredded phyllo dough, butter, sweet cheese, pistachios, simple syrup
oh... did I forget love?

purchase handmade glass trinkets for only $2

coffee sets and pots for sale!

Turkish coffee prepared by Omar

beautiful crema
after sipping, my friend read my fortune by examining coffee dregs

and how about the best baklava ever from Gulluoglu...
[left] pistachio baklava, [right] walnut baklava
no lie: best baklava ever!
even the Turkish festival volunteers were raving about it!

Expect: Music. Performances. Art. Food. Culture.
Bring: Your appetite, a camera, and sneakers!

This festival strongly endorsed my view that you learn about a culture through its food and great company. More detailed posts to come! Don't miss the largest Turkish festival in the world!

Anatolian Cultures & Food Festival
May 6 - May 9, 10am - 10pm
Orange County's Great Park

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Helloooo! thanks for the sharing this. I've been at the festival and tried many of Turkish food than loved them :)
furthermore, do you know is there any Indian festival these days? I'm crazy about different tasting.
I'm looking forward to see the next festival,i really appreciated!

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