Sneak Bite: Little India Food Crawl 5/16

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On May 16th, a whooping month and a half from now, I will be hosting my very first food crawl. It's very appropriate that the theme is Indian khanna (food) because I was born in New Delhi, India and whisked away at the young age of three and a half!

I enjoy over-spicing just about every plate in my kitchen and have been known to eat lick a mound of chaat masala out of my hand. Thankfully, I have the manners not to do that on the food crawl, but if we were talking chocolate, I'd be licking the plate.

Although it isn't formally known as Little India, most people know that it's the concentration of Indian-owned stores in Artesia that   Pioneer Boulevard is littered with saree boutiques, jewelers, tons of Indian grocers, craft stores, and most importantly, Indian food joints from just about every region on the subcontinent.

Here's a sneak peak of some of the street grub from one of the eateries we will be stopping at:

Delhi chaat with sev

It's all about the Indian street food. It's something that is replicated at home, but never as good as what you find on the street side. Delhi chaat generally contains deep-fried hollow shells stuffed with boiled potatoes. It is topped with yogurt and two chutneys: sweet tamarind and a limey-cilantro sauce. We've asked for tons of sev, the crushed instant noodle like topping, as it adds another layer of crunch and spice to the mixture.


Khandvi is a Gujarati snack that consists of spongy rolls made of chickpea flour infused with mustard seed, curry leaves, and chillies. These beautifully crafted rolls melt in your mouth and is loved by all ages, as it is a mildly spiced specialty. It's topped with grated coconut, sesame seeds, and cilantro.


Jalebi is one of those foods you need to carry a moist towelette in your purse for. It's a sweet fried dough that is plunged in loads of syrup. There is a hint of saffron, but most palates can't take the sweetness of the dessert. Indian food really screams extremes. It's mostly very spicy or very sweet. I always leave the store with four to five pieces of this delicious treat.

sweetened masala chai 

This picture is pretty self-explanatory. You won't get real cutlery or a mug at this store, but you won't want to frequent the Coffee Bean for their so-called "chai lattes." Surati Farsan makes spectacular sweetened and unsweetened chai that just warms you up! If we go on a warm day, we'll grab some mango lassi or head to Saffron Spot for some falooda.

More information will posted on this blog as it becomes available! We will probably attend four to five eateries, totaling about fifteen to twenty dollars per person, depending on how much you want to gorge! Information about each restaurant and the difference between the cuisines will be available on the crawl. We will pop in and out of stores down Pioneer Blvd, so save up for May 16th!

If you're interested in attending, leave a comment here, send me a tweet, or email Hope you will join us as we eat up Little India!

Surati Farsan Mart
11813 E. 186th Street
Artesia, CA 90701

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I didn't know you were born in India! You learn something new everyday! Have a wonderful time & I hope to join you on the next one!


That's so neat. I agree with Bianca It's cool to learn where your fellow bloggers were born. :) I'm craving Indian food now.

Bianca: I'm still bummed out you can't make it, but not so much 'cause you'll be in Miami! I'm sure we'll crawl another time and I'll schedule it around you!

Jenn: Hope you fulfilled your Indian food craving! Crawl with if you're free, we'd love to have you :)

Both: Where were you guys born?

I want! I want!! :D
I cannot wait.
(aka tallnoe)

I am putting this on my calandar! I hope I can make it. Keep me posted. GREG

Of course! This is going to be fun!

Chrystal, Greg, Noelle: Can't wait to chow down with you guys! I recommend fasting the day before and maybe bringing a jug of milk ;)

Put me down for your crawl! Keep us updated.

Mike: Woohoo! :)

the sad part is Artesia has repeatedly rejected attempted by the locals to add "Little India" moniker to the area: . And worse, the Chinese/Taiwanese folks are still too close to comfort, intersecting the area just like the Bengalis businesses are seen all over Ktown.

Tony: Yeah, it's unfortunate, but understandable. Indians only make up a small portion of the Asian community in Artesia, which is at best 25%. Oh well, the samosas are still hot...won't you join us?

what spots do you have in mind? I heard ashoka just built a large full bar, let's meet there for pre-party. kingfisher or black label, decisions decisions.

Sounds like it's going to be a good day. Hope to be able to join :)

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