Dainty Cakes: Nothin' Dainty About 'Em

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the cookie monster from Dainty Cakes, $3.00

There is nothing dainty about eating a cupcake curbside. I have sincere issues when it comes to devouring this dessert on the steps of a museum in Little Tokyo or walking amongst dolled up creatures on Abbot Kinney. When crumbs fall, I brush away a tear and wish for a small plate and earth friendly cutlery.

Everyone's cupcake eating regimen varies; some completely unravel the cake from the wrapper and proceed to indulge. Others, myself included, unravel as they nibble, which inevitably leads to a frosting-tipped nose, tissues, and retouches of makeup.  

It's pretty evident that cupcakes are an over exhausted trend and some crumby cupcakeries should be nipped in the bud and (ideally) be replaced with the truly dainty, French macaron. I've managed to track down the Dainty Cakes truck three times, but was successful in acquiring a cupcake on the third visit, which only exhausted the cliche "third time's a charm."

impressive flavor list

Only problem was... the cupcake wasn't all that charming! My friend Joanna picked the classic red velvet, her favorite, while I went with the "cookie monster." I half expected a blue velvet cupcake, as I always equate the name to the vibrant blue cake found at the Milk Shop on Beverly. Instead, I was pleased to read that the cupcake was chocolate frosting on chocolate cake with an additional helping of crushed Oreo pieces    ideal for a chocoholic, no? 

it seems like cupcakes will be around for a long time...
not that I'm complaining! 

In defense of Dainty Cakes, their display case was devoid of cupcakes due to hoards of museum visitors armed with cupcake vouchers. A wait of at least ten minutes (for a cupcake, mind you) led me to peak into the bus where I spotted a girl frantically frosting cupcake orders one by one. By the time my friend and I received our cupcakes, our frosting was glistening and melted. Could it have been the heat of the bus or because it was newly frosted? No one will ever know...

The cake of the cookie monster was unusually spongy and dense, while the frosting lacked any form. It's only saving grace was the crunchy bits of Oreo cookies. My friend, another cupcake connoisseur, was equally unimpressed and a bit disappointed by the cream cheese frosting of the red velvet.

As dampening as this cupcake experience was, I will report back once I try another cupcake as I can't bring myself to judge a cupcakery, mobile or not, by just one cupcake. Oh woe food blogger ethics... 

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Sorry about your cupcake failure. But I would say a second chance is in order.... Sounds like they may have been overwhelmed...

Until recently, I had never eaten a red velvet cupcake I liked. Until I met the wunderfully tasty red velvet at Euro Pane Bakery! - which rarely makes cupcakes.

Megan: I completely agree! I will report back once I hunt down the truck :)

Mike: Oooh I haven't tried Euro Pane's cupcakes! I'm not a lover of red velvet; prefer my dark chocolate and coconut cupcakes!

Sorry your cupcake experience wasn't great. Nothing worse than disappointing cake.

Nastassia: Mochi from Fugetsu-do turned that trip and cupcake incident around. Have you tried it?

And, btw, there is gonna bee a Pasadena area blogger get together on May 8th

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