Barkeater Chocolates: Soy Truffles, Who Knew?

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Another chocolate review? Yeah, you better believe it! As all of you know, I am a chocolate fanatic and one of my favorite things to do is to bring exposure to the chocolatiers and their creations that make us swoon.

Barkeater Chocolates is named for its mountainous location, as it is stationed in the Adirondack Mountains of New York in the town of North Creek. Chocolatier and owner Deb Morris engineers batches of gourmet truffles with unique, toothsome flavors by hand.

Excited to try their chocolates, I contacted Deb via Twitter for a sampling of her truffles. Little did I know that she would ship a battalion of flavors in my direction. Three plastic boxes, wrapped in rustic ribbons, showcased deliciously molded truffles:

ten truffles, compliments of Barkeater Chocolates

When I first unwrapped the boxes, my nostrils were hit by the potent aroma of the chocolates. It was a Herculean effort on my part to take several photos of each individual truffle without nibbling away!

 4-piece Truffle Sampler
clockwise: cinnamon, orange liqueur, peanut butter, Kahlua

Naturally, being a lover of dark chocolates, I gravitated towards the cinnamon and orange liqueur truffles. The cinnamon craftily incorporated nutmeg and was topped with what seemed like slightly candied or dried cinnamon stick. The orange liqueur truffle was infused with Grand Marnier and reminded me of the souffle I regretfully should have ordered when dining at Keller's Fleur de Lys in Vegas. Both flavors were a hit with me and my boyfriend. The only truffle I genuinely did not like of the bunch was the peanut butter. There was something off about the duo, the peanut butter chocolate ganache wasn't pronounced and fell flat, even after generous coats of milk chocolate.

this one deserves a special mention!
white chocolate Kahlua, covered in milk chocolate 

I generally shy away from purchasing milk and white chocolate, but throw some alcohol into the equation and I absolutely adore it! The Kahlua blended to perfection with the white chocolate ganache. I initially thought it was coconut, because of the white specks on top, but was gladly corrected by the box!

4-piece Soy Collection
clockwise: toddy, chai, vanilla, almond

I had an "ah-ha" moment when tasting the soy truffles. The four-piece Soy Collection isn't concocted with dairy or animal products, making them safe for those who are lactose intolerant and vegan friendly, although it does contain sugar. My favorite of the bunch, these truffles were as creamy and arguably richer than their dairy counterparts!

chocolate is molded around the ganache

Out of the four, the soy chai and soy toddy had the most memorable tastes. The soy chai, made with a mix of chai spices and black tea, perfectly replicated the taste of Indian chai with chocolate overtones. It was strong and sung of cloves, definitely an "explosive" flavor.

The soy toddy perplexed me at first, because I just couldn't recall what toddy even means. I could taste liqueur, but couldn't place it. Toddy refers to an alcoholic mixed drink that is often served hot; in this case, it was made with brandy liqueur. Finally, the soy vanilla and almond were pleasant, but lackluster when coupled in a box of such bold flavors.

Elite collection: pomegranate (top) & lavender truffles (bottom)

I saved the Elite collection for last, recalling lavender overwhelms my taste buds. The lavender wasn't overly floral and balanced well with the chocolate. Unfortunately, I tried the lavender immediately prior to tasting the pomegranate truffle and could not comprehend the pomegranate flavor whatsoever. I treasured half of the pomegranate truffle for later, knowing that my senses were shot. Even after saving the truffle, I couldn't conceive any pomegranate, a taste I'm very familiar with. Perhaps, pomegranate and lavender got too cozy and the lavender's aroma overpowered that of the former? Our sense of smell is responsible for a large portion of what we taste, right? 

Overall, Barkeater Chocolates is a gourmet chocolatier to visit when you crave unique and explosive flavors. Their truffles are well-crafted, made of quality chocolate, and magnify the flavors one desires when one orders soy chai or cinnamon dark chocolate or lavender! Barkeater also conjures up other confections, including nut clusters and peanut butter cups. Send your loved one a chocolate care package or present your guests with favor boxes!

Disclaimer: This product was sent to me complimentary of Barkeater Chocolates. I must stress that my opinion of the product is derived solely from my taste buds and not because they were comped. Have to do my palate and conscience justice, food blogger ethics for the win!

Thanks Barkeater Chocolates!

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