2010 LA Donut Summit: LA's Gourmet Donut Destinations

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Angelenos are obsessed with doughnuts. Ask any one of us and we'll be able to rattle off some of our favorite spots to grab a doughnut hole, glazed creation, or apple fritter.

Just about every city has their own version of a beer festival or food fair, but what's Los Angeles' recent claim to fame: the 2010 LA Donut Summit. Brought to you by Metblogs, the cost of admission is very affordable: bring either a dozen doughnuts or a large coffee-to-go carton from Starbucks, Coffee Bean, etc.

love the logo    especially the sea of coffee
credit: LA Metblogs

Where? Griffith Park, near the Vermont entrance
When? Sunday, June 13 at 1:00PM
How much? One dozen doughnuts or one large coffee-to-go cartons
How will I sustain my doughnut cravings until then? Follow @donutsummit on Twitter!

Bob's Coffee & Donuts, Farmer's Market, 3rd & Fairfax
"The Best in LA"    Los Angeles Magazine

Isn't this the cutest little doughnut stall? I'm always at Farmer's Market for the savory, whether it is Moishe's muhammara or the Banana Leaf's mee goreng. In all honesty, I never intentionally go out of my way to purchase doughnuts. The real reason I stopped by to grab a doughnut was because I needed to validate my parking for the first two hours. Although my first intention was validation, I thought "wouldn't it be great to highlight some of the doughnut shops around me in time for the Donut Summit?" I think so!

Are you seriously taking a picture of a $0.95 chocolate doughnut?
Damn straight!

According to Saveur's list of the top twelve most consistent doughnut shops in the nation, "no journey to the original Los Angeles farmers' market is complete without a stop at Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts." A baker at Bob's freshly prepares doughnuts twice during the day since 1970: three hours before the market opens and in the afternoon.

I decided to go with a raised chocolate doughnut and not the original glaze. The dough had a slight chew to it and the semi-sweet chocolate glaze crackled gloriously between my fingers. In true Shwarzenegger fashion, I'll be back for their famous apple fritter and cinnamon roll, as well as a cup of coffee to wash it all down!

Lately, I've been spotting doughnuts on various dessert menus at mid-high end restaurants. Here's a concise list of gourmet doughnut destinations and favorites around Los Angeles, pooled from tweeps and memory:

      Belgian Abbey Ale Donuts    with warm toffee dipping sauce

      Beignets     Valrhona chocolate and local honey

      the Strawberry doughnut    rave reviews about the fruit flavored doughnuts at Donut Man

a sampling of Italian doughnuts from Drago Centro
Pastry Chef Jashmine Corpuz
      i bomboloni    doughnuts, apples, amaretto caramel, ricotta brown butter ice cream  

mini donut making contraption by Lil Orbits at LA Food Fest
The Fry Girl, Inc.

      mini doughnuts    sprinkled with cinnamon sugar or powdered sugar

      Pecan brown sugar doughnuts    brown butter ice cream, candied pecans

      Sugar & spice beignets    Venezuelan chocolate fondue, preserved ginger milkshake shot

apparently they only make one batch a day, better line up before 8AM!
photo credit: Fiona of Gourmet Pigs

      Old fashioned cinnamon sugar doughnut    pictured above

      [beverage] Coffee and a jelly donut    strawberry essence layered with donut-infused milk and topped with espresso (it's not your funky Krispy Kreme shake!)
      [donut] Brioche donut holes    served with vanilla Madagascar whipped cream

      Buttermilk doughnut holes    blueberries and Meyer lemon curd

dead center lookin' delish, maple glazed bacon doughnut 
credit: Nickel Diner

      Maple glazed bacon doughnut    pictured above

      Bomboloni    mountain huckleberry compote and vanilla gelato

      World famous peanut butter doughnuts     this donut spot has tons of doughnuts to chose from: raised, cake, bars, twists, jelly, custard, cheese... you name it!

Turkish doughnuts from Street
credit: Elise Thompson, LAist

      Turkish doughnuts    small spiced pastries fried and then simmered in cardamom rose syrup served with sour cream and rose hip jam

As we count down to the Donut Summit, I'll be writing up mini reviews on doughnuts around town! Have any suggestions for me? Please comment! Stay tuned doughnut fiends...

Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts
3rd & Fairfax, Farmer's Market, Los Angeles

Bob's Coffee & Donuts in Los Angeles on Fooddigger

Bob's Coffee & Doughnuts on Urbanspoon

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