Ode to SusieCakes: A Quarter Into 2010

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so many to choose from!

Gastronomically-speaking, 2009 was merely the amuse bouche to this year's foodie endeavors. I spent my free time chasing after food trucks, scouring the planet for cupcakes, tweeting my meals, and well...starting this blog. I have several posts lined up, but I just can't get myself to press the "publish post" button on Blogger!

Why? I don't like writing a bad review and I think my palate has become hypocritically picky. During the week, I'll stuff just about anything down my pie hole! My sweet tooth used to cash any form of payment, but now my mind butts in and I won't take milk chocolate over dark. It won't, can't, and most importantly, shouldn't happen (unless its a bar of Theo chocolate or belgian chocolate from Chocri).

That was then and this is now! 2009 meant dropping pounds, fifteen to be exact. I dropped all my "couple weight." When my boyfriend and I started dating three years ago, we were new to the kitchen concept. We were too used to living in the dorms sans kitchen. The only kitchenette available was disconnected due to a fire the year before, which burned down an entire floor of my building. Too used to fast food joints and unhealthy-healthier TJ's food, I gained a substantial amount of this so-called "couple weight!" My boyfriend put on a few pounds too, but he was so scrawny to begin with!

Anyway, this year I have decided not to cut out sweets completely, because that's too drastic. Instead, I've decided to only eat what will truly satisfy my taste buds (in smaller amounts, of course)! Also, it'd be great to drop those last stubborn 10 pounds, the result of picking heels and martinis over running shoes and quinoa!

I challenge everyone to go to SusieCakes if you haven't already! If you have, please go back and remind your senses how orgasmic their cupcakes truly are!

I visited the SusieCakes in Newport Beach not too long ago for my friend's twentieth birthday. Instead of opting for an early dinner, I pleaded that we must, must, must have cupcakes from SusieCakes. My girlies and I ordered three cupcakes: the mint chocolate, mocha, and red velvet.

We weren't disappointed. All three cupcakes were moist and the frosting on each was superb. The cupcakes were Goldilocks-sized, not too small and not too big.

fluffy white peaks of cream cheese frosting

The red velvet was very different from, but ranked equally with to Sprinkles. The cream cheese frosting was just divine and you could actually taste the chocolate of the cake. The best part about the frosting of all three cupcakes is that the outside of the frosting doesn't create that thick layer you sometimes taste at Sprinkles. As you can see, it's also not so toxic-red!

chocolate mint with just the right amount of sprinkles!

The chocolate mint didn't taste like toothpaste and didn't overpower the palate. Instead, it coupled perfectly with the richness of the moist chocolate cake.They clearly don't skimp on the quality of the chocolate. The mint was a very light green and emphasized the mint green walls of the bakery.

#1 cupcake of 2009
mocha cupcake from SusieCakes

My cupcake, the mocha, had the perfect balance of coffee and chocolate. The mocha was a rich, chocolate-lover's dream. Queen Anisha officially dons this cupcake "the best cupcake of 2009." The cupcakes are made in all-American fashion and don't look overly contemporary. Homemade is the name of the game!

My besties already took a mental note that this is where Anisha wants cupcakes for her future bridal/baby shower. More sweet reasons to love your best girlfriends. Post-gorging, we ogled at their collection of cards, candles, and gift boxes.

After trying so many cupcakeries over the past year, I was finally pleased with myself and thrilled to report to everyone -- SusieCakes' cupcakes rank equally with Sprinkles! Every time I visit a cupcakery with my friends, I always take one or two home to my parents. After several failed cupcake deliveries, my parents instructed me to never bring cupcakes home again. They had scoffed at Dots Cupcakes and told me to "never again bring us cupcakes from Crumbs!"

Everyone agreed that SusieCakes makes the cut -- that's three picky girls, an "oohing" and "aahing" father, and a chocolate-loving mother who cleaned up all the frosting from the doggy bag with her forefinger in one fatally delicious swoop!

I implore you to head to SusieCakes. I know it's a difficult task, eating cupcakes and all, but please do it. And when you do, please comment here and let everyone know what you've tried and how your jaw sunk to the floor in awe of its flavor and moistness! There are five locations, meaning no excuses!

love how the cakes are frosted, homemade touches fly well
ordering my nani's birthday cake from here
I spy an USC cake!

 thanks for the tasty memories!

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Ahhh I gotta TRY THIS PLACEEEE! :) red velvet <3

Lisa: All three cupcakes were good, you should definitely try more than one! Did I mention they also have cake, cookies, and whoopie pies?

We live right down the street from Susie Cakes and go there too frequently. Our favorite, I mean almost all time favorite indulgence is their whoopie pie. You think their cupcakes are good? You will be BLOWN OUT OF THE WATER by their whoopie pie. I hope you get to make it back there and try it! AND try their celebration cake, HOLY CRAP. INSANE!

Julia: Thanks for the follow & comment! I feel that it is imperative to drive down there this weekend... and post again on the whoopie pie. Lately, I've been a "lottle" obsessed about the whoopie pie. What's the celebration cake like?!

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