Dark Chocolate Covered Goji Berries

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I can't believe it's not bad for me -- thank you Mother Nature!
only $4.99/lb 

I'm a goji berry fiend. Heavenly in trail mix, but even better when covered in dark chocolate. I can't say I'm a fan of the superfruit marketing trend of açai and goji berries, but if they taste good and are packed with antioxidants... why am I complaining?

make sure to tie your bag and write the code!
photo credit: life is a feast

Check out Henry's Farmers Markets' bulk bins for a great selection of coffee, flours and grains, nuts, dried fruits, chocolate, and other confections. I love that I can purchase a handful of my favorite nuts and fruits and make a trail mix tailored to moi. Also, I like testing out different flours when baking and Henry's bins allow me to do just that, without the one pound commitment! Not a fan that the word bulk is associated with it  ̶  reminds me of Costco and that's not very chique, is it?

Henry's Farmers Market

 "Health food makes me ill" 
̶̶  Calvin Trillin

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