Chocri Customizable Chocolate: One Word -- Swoon.

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okay, maybe one more word -- drool!

'Twas the morning of my twenty-first birthday and I was getting ready to head out to Vegas. Before I threw my suitcases into the trunk, I had the urge to check my email. A weekend sans email is torturous, especially when I'm stranded in Sin City. As I was scouring my inbox, I came across an email from Carmen, a PR representative of a German chocolate company. In the email, she was wished me a very happy birthday, thumbs-upped my blog, and presented me a gift certificate for three customizable chocolate bars, including free shipping! That was the start to a very, very sinful birthday weekend.

love the see-through packaging and customized labels at the top!

Chocri customizable chocolate is one of the neatest confections you can gift a chocoholic. I was lucky enough to create and taste three of my very own chocolate bars, compliments of Chocri.

don't you wish you could swim in pools of chocolate? I do.
[screen shot from]

There are three types of chocolates to choose from:
  • white chocolate, base price of $5.90
  • 32% milk chocolate, base price of $6.90
  • 64% dark chocolate, base price of $7.90
All of the Belgian chocolate is organic and fair trade. Chocri offers over 100 toppings to choose from, which means a whooping 10 billion possible combinations. Although I'd like to list out the amazing toppings to choose from, looking at the toppings on your chocolate base is even more enticing. The toppings range in prices from $0.10 [sea salt] to $2.10 [real gold flakes]. Some interesting toppings include: goji berries, bacon, pink and purple candied lilac, flax seed, marzipan carrots... and the mouth-watering list goes on. Check out the complete list of toppings here.

Just in time for Easter, Chocri has added eight themed toppings. The following two are my favorite:

you're going to need an extra-large plastic Easter egg for this bar of chocolate
[screen shot from]

not too shabby for milk chocolate

The first bar contained blueberries, cashews, gold flakes, and honey chocolate drops on a 34% milk chocolate base. The milk chocolate was very creamy and took a while to melt in my mouth (and in my hand). The honey chocolate drops (smack dab in the middle of the picture above) was my favorite part of the chocolate, as it paired well with the rest of the bar. The blueberries and cashews added for a nice, chew and crunch texture. 

crunchy goodness, my favorite of the three!

The second bar was hands down, my favorite of the three bars! The dark chocolate bar was topped with toffee pieces, cappuccino drops, roasted almonds, sour cherries and coffee grounds. The coffee grounds and cappuccino drops added depth of flavor and paired well against the roasted almonds and sweet toffee. The bar was very thick, as the toppings added more width to it (scroll up to the first picture)! I unfortunately, shared this bar amongst my parents and two roommates. This bar alone would prompt me to purchase Chocri chocolate. I cannot stress enough, how awesome it is to pick the toppings on your chocolate bar!

best line ever: "it makes your poo sparkle"

The third bar was a whimsical choice on my part. I fondly named it "the Bling bar." I'm a girl who is enamored by both jewelry and chocolate and the idea that I created a bling bar isn't farfetched. I choose the shiniest toppings available: gold flake, golden pearls, silver pearls, and a star decoration on dark chocolate. The goal of this chocolate bar, in my boyfriend's tongue, was to "make your poo sparkle!" I won't confirm or deny if it did just that, but I pretended that my chocolate bar was akin to Serendipity's famed $1,000 Golden Opulence Sundae.

The Chocri concept is well-developed and there is something for just about everyone. Say you loved your chocolate bar creation and want to reorder it? Easy! Each bar has an unique code on the back of each chocolate bar's package. Just type in the code and bam, it's in your shopping cart! What if you can't decide on the toppings? Visit their gallery of chocolate bars that have recently been created, popular, and recommended bars.

The chocolate is slightly on the pricey side, but Chocri demolishes other customizable chocolate competition, such as M&M's customizable candy messages. My only recommendation to Chocri is to create a fourth chocolate base, a dark chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa mass over 70%.

If you have the dough and you want an unique gift to woo your loved one, impress your boss, or simply indulge, Chocri should be at the top of your list!

Visit their website to order your customized chocolate bar:
& follow them on Twitter:

 thanks for the chocolate!

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My chocolate craving has been really intensified after seeing these. How many more weeks till Easter? I can't believe I gave it up for Lent. hahaha... I'm loving the dark chocolate bar a lot.

I knew I shouldn't have posted this during Lent! ;)

Hi, it's Kimmie from Pamper Me Fabulous!

Okay, I knew you were pretty awesome when I met you, but you're even more awesome for having reviewed Chocri!!!

I have to tell you that my milk chocolate, hazelnut brittle, toffee, and sea salt bar was by far the most amazing chocolate I have ever had.

It was nice to meet you, look forward to reading more!

Kimmie: It was great to meet you and bond with you over cupcakes at Pamper Me Fabulous!

Isn't Chocri an awesome concept? I really wish I added sea salt to my last bar... you should try it with coffee grounds!

holy cow! im gonna save up some money for this!!! mmmm i think i like the sound of your bling bar..... my mom has called me "Sparkle Farkle' forever because i love everything that is glittery and shimmery. lol

BCookie: Check out their website for more promotions! They have some high quality toppings alright! Have fun creating your own bar :)

Oh, this is a huge gift. You came up with some good chocolate. That bling bar is the business!

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