Theo Chocolate: Gift of the Gods

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It's only appropriate that this chocolate bar is branded by the name Theo, or "gift of the Gods." Quite often, I refer to milk chocolate as the cacao bean's bastard child, but I was pleasantly surprised by this milk chocolate bar with pink peppercorns and cherries by Theo Chocolate.

This is my first, but definitely not the last review on chocolate. I'm always stocked with a bar or two of dark chocolate goodness, but when I forget to check my inventory you will always know about it via Twitter:

My verbiage was much more obscene off of Twitter. Gotta fulfill my chocolate fix!

When the chocolate arrived, I was floored by the packaging. A large (recycled) cardboard box was filled with (biodegradable corn starch) packaging peanuts and somewhere within that parcel was my chocolate bar! I was impatient -- uhm hello, we're dabbling in chocolate matters -- and I ended up emptying the entire box on my carpeted floor for a soft landing. Inside, was this beautiful pink 3.5 oz bar of organic 45% milk chocolate:

I love the pink packaging for Valentine's Day, cupids and all! I opened the bar upside down and was amused by the pink peppercorns. Everything is just cuter in pink!

The bar was segmented into six equal blocks, which was definitely a plus. I tend to get annoyed at Hershey's chocolate bars, because they are cut into twelve tiny blocks, when I know I'm going to eat at least half a bar in one sitting.

As I mentioned earlier, I never go out of my way to buy a milk chocolate bar; however, the 45% milk chocolate combined with the pink peppercorns and dried cherry bits went really well together. The milk chocolate itself was very creamy, while the peppercorns added a "crunch" and the cherries created a great "chew" factor.

The aftertaste was unique, as the pink peppercorns overpowered the palate and left a long-lasting impression. I never expected to the enjoy the peppery taste coupled with the sweet cherry and chocolate. It was a revelation for a chocoholic like me! As I was researching the bar on the Theo website, I also found an equally interesting chocolate combination -- dark chocolate with ginger and rose!

$3.50 a pop is most reasonable when it comes to this chocolate bar. I love the playfulness of the ingredients and the high quality of the chocolate! The only downside to this bar is that it is high in saturated fats, 16g in all. Just avoid looking at the nutrition facts and you're good to go indulge!

Ingredients: sugar*+, cocoa beans*+, milk powder*, cocoa butter*+, dried cherries*, pink peppercorns*, vanilla bean*, rice flour*

* organic, + Fair Trade

Theo Chocolate clearly strives to be eco-friendly and socially responsible, as perceived from their accompanying pamphlets on Fair Trade chocolate policies, packaging, and overall mission statement. Testimonials on their website praise their practices as a company, something that the business major in me truly appreciates, as it is a struggle for organizations to achieve a perfect balance between ethics and profitability. It reinforced my ideals that more businesses ought to give back to the community in any which way they can. Theo Chocolate, headquartered in Seattle, also offers both public and private factory tours every day of the week! When I road trip up to Seattle, which I've been meaning to get around to for five-odd years now, this factory tour will be near the top of the list of my itinerary!

I was so graciously sent this bar from Lee, The Chocolate Review, a blog that's always up to date about European chocolates, chocolate news, and what not. It's a very comprehensive site that all chocoholics should Bookmark! Ctrl + D that site kids, it's drool-worthy! Thanks again Lee!

If you're interested in purchasing Theo Chocolate bars, I would recommend doings so via their website:

You can also follow them on Twitter here.

Susina Bakery's chocolate bar collection near their register features quite a few varieties of Theo Chocolate, but it's not reasonable at $8/bar versus the $3.50 price tag online! Here's another review on Theo Chocolate's Bread and Dark Chocolate by Miss Diana from Diana Takes a Bite!

I was truly blessed by the Gods to be sent such a delicious hunk of chocolate.. and I don't mean the boyfriend! Happy Valentine's day everyone!

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I like Theo chocolate very much. I often used to gift Theo chocolates to my friends. They also like Theo chocolates. Very good.
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