"Indian" Corn On the Cob

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I'm going to need dental floss.

I love corn on the cob, but I can't stand the concept of slabbing butter on vegetables. The only reason I keep butter in my fridge is for the occasional loaf of sourdough and baking. My anti-butter stance and affection for Indian street foods influence this simple, savory take on a classic! If you've tried my cooking at Stir It 28, you know that I am a big fan of using lime, ginger, and Indian masalas (spices). This is another such recipe that will make your taste buds tingle. For those of you who did attend the successful charity event thrown by Chrystal of The Duo Dishes and Greg from SippitySup, I will be posting my signature limey guacamole and my dad's chicken kebab recipe in the coming week!

oh la la - new prep bowls, not so new camera phone

-1/8 teaspoon paprika

-1/4 teaspoon chat
-1 or 2 limes, depending on the
juicyliciousness of the lime
-2 cobs of corn

masala, a blend of spices, is commonly found at Indian supermarkets. For approximately $2 or less, you can purchase a large quantity from a good brand (MDH or Roopak's)


There are two different methods I use to prepare the corn: boiling or charring. I prefer boiling, but charring does add smokiness and texture. Charring the corn over a gas stove also allows for the corn to soak up the lime and spices.

1. Squeeze your lime in a small bowl. Save the used lime wedge for step four.
2. Mix the chat masala and paprika into the bowl of lime juice. Set the mixture aside.

it's like opening my mom's round, metal dhaba (tin) of spices

For boiled corn:
3. Fill a pot with water deep and wide enough to submerse the corn. Wait for the water to boil and slide in your corn on the cob. Cover the pot for 10-15 minutes, until the corn is cooked to your preferred softness.

For charred corn:

4. Use tongs and hold the corn over a gas stove or charcoal grill. Rotate often and evenly until charred.

I swear... I meant to do that.

5. Take the squeezed lime wedge and use it as a brush to spread the mixture onto your cooked corn.

lime brush au naturale

This recipe makes for a healthier snack and an unique, "ethnic" addition at a Summer BBQ. If you're too lazy (or a college student, like me) I often use the frozen, roasted corn from Trader Joe's.

boiled corn on the cob with spice mix

legit charred corn on the cob with masala-lime mixture

Happy flossing,

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this looks delicious :) i will try it !!!!!

I 'm a suck for corn on the cob. I usually like to slather some butter or mayo on mine with paprika and chili powder. Yum!! But this is a new way of eating it up. Definitely a must try.

I love corn on the cob & I love how you took something so simple & added a nice twist!

Lisa: You should! Let me know how it goes and if you need some spices from the Indian market :)

Jenn: I should have mentioned you can substitute it with any of your favorite spices! I want to try it with Vegenaise.

Bianca: Awww thanks...you're so sweet! It was great meeting you at Stir It 28!

Ability to comment ftw!!!

Make me some corn.

I get so disgusted when my dad smears his veggies with butter. Down down with butter!

Unless we are talking cookies. :)

JC: I will make you some corn when you visit!

Diana: Baked goods or bust!

I don't even use it when making mac 'n' cheese, yogurt is a great substitute!

haha, thats funny that you don't like to slab butter on your veggies - it's just so common with ppl smothering butter all over their corn on the cob! but anyhow, your corn on the cob with all of the lovely seasonings look fab! (krissy @ the food addicts)

Krissy: Can't help it! My mom is the biggest influence on my diet! I'm trying to adhere to healthier lifestyle choices via Silverstone's The Kind Diet, but don't think I'll be able to kick fish out of my life.

i totally agree about butter on veggies. everybody else i know goes crazy for butter on corn. around here though, i'm usually able to get it so fresh in summer that i find it doesn't really need anything. i just eat it plain.

@eally spectacular! Ever since I broke my jaw last summer I have had to avoid corn on the cob (an other knawable yummies) and then I had to get braces to realign my teeth so I still can't have it. But oh I can look on a drool as you enjoy yours! GREG

Justin: Eating it plain is good too, but the brown side in me needs to douse vegetables and fruits in spices!

Greg: Breaking your jaw is a really good excuse not to try my recipe! You're excused ;)

The summer is sneaking up on us, and corn will be sweet and tasty. This will be fun for bbqs.

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