Valentine's Day Chocolates & Why I Love Them!

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I can't help but love Valentine's Day chocolates! The makeshift "holiday" I can do without, but there's something about pink, purple, and red foil-wrapped chocolates that make me swoon. It stems from the seventh grade and well, my love for chocolates.

I loved the seventh grade for many reasons.

I discovered the flat iron, which was a monumental step in taming my poofy hair. My glasses were replaced with contacts, meaning I could see more of the world -- goodbye frames! I survived honors math courses and made some amazing friends in the process. My most fond memory was the famed Februrary 14, when a boy I had a crush on asked me out with a box of caramel chocolates.

I make it out to be more than it truly is! It was the seventh grade and "dating" isn't what "dating" is in the grown-up world, meaning it doesn't involve your mom or dad picking you up from the movies. I can't help it though, because that boy I had a crush on is the boy I'm with now -- three years strong!

Maybe now you understand my fascination and fondness towards Valentine's day, but let me clarify -- we don't do the fancy schmancy dinner & we don't buy each other frou-frou gifts! Two years ago, we went to the batting cages and I can't even remember what we did last year. Also, I think it is a shame that the United States doesn't celebrate Friendship Day the way in which India does. According to the fam bam, tons of people exchange friendship bracelets, exchange yellow roses, etc.

However, this year, we are doing something pretty fan-freakin-tastic. We're headed to the LA Street Food Fest on February 13 to chow down while sitting on the curb, with plastic utensils (or none at all), and paper napkins!

Anyway, back to the chocolate! I was perusing the selection at Cost Plus World Market and was floored by all of the V-day themed confections they offered. Here are a few snaps from my handy dandy camera (phone):

One view of the selection at Cost Plus. I spy tons of Ghirardelli squares.

I was so tempted to purchase this pinked out paper bag of PINK pancake mix with chocolate chips, but then my boyfriend reminded me that I have neon food coloring and I can make it myself!

Pink take-out box of dark chocolate-covered fortune cookies! It also comes in a red take-out box of milk chocolate, but really... who cares about the bastard child of dark chocolate?

Chocovine! Yes, I found a bottle of chocolate wine and yes, that's my pinky. I was going to purchase some Young's Double Chocolate Stout, which I've been meaning to try, but then I found this!

After a bit more perusing, I decided I needed to get away from the pink and red nausea-inducing display in the front of the store to the back, where I always find some nummy chocolate.

Did you know Tabasco makes its own spicy chocolate? I didn't. Cute red tin sells for $3.99 but the price to chocolate ratio is far too high in my books!

Check out the selection if you have friends in mind! I know that I will definitely be back on February 15 to purchase some marked down chocolates. If you'd like to send me some chocolate, I'm more than willing to disclose my mailing address... just kidding! Well, maybe not.

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Sounds great.Thank you for sharing.Wish you in advance a joyful Valentine's day.

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Avagdro -- Thanks for being my first comment after AGES! Keeping me motivated to blog blog blog :) If you're near a Cost Plus, definitely check out their selection!

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