Julie & Julia date night!

Posted by Anisha | Posted in | Posted on 11/25/2009

"Julie & Julia" finally hit the two-dollar theater near me. I didn't have the opportunity to see it when it was on the bigger and better screen, but today, I took time out of my oh so busy schedule and went on a movie date with the boyfriend.

The boyfriend and I have been dating for about 31 months, but really, who's counting -- not me, never. He doesn't follow chopstick etiquette. He despises when I tell him to put his napkin on his lap when we're out to eat. He also uses a fork and knife in the most amusing, savage-like way. If he could, he'd point out that I too, "feed my shirt." Every so often, he does watch and appreciate a good chick flick. Tonight was one of those nights, but the movie did not meet our expectations.

Don't get me wrong... I love me some Julia Child! I didn't fall in love with the ending and wasn't thrilled with the splices of Amy Adams portraying Julie Powell. The movie seemed to stretched out for what felt like an eternity and our rumbling tummies did not help one bit.

By the end of movie, I was inspired. I wanted to cook more food. I'm always baking and I don't spend too much time making my main course creative. "Julie & Julia" definitely motivated me to cook a challenging meal and stray away from my current roasted butternut squash and sweet potato obsession.

I had my mind set on heading to the grocery store. I knew what I wanted: a baguette, some fresh vegetables, and salmon. But alas, Sid was far too famished and we settled on In-N-Out Burger. Two grilled cheeses and animal-style fries later, Anisha and Sid were happy campers.

[insert awful camera phone picture of grilled cheese]

[insert picture of Sid's fries drenched in condiments]

Julie & Julia: never ever watch this movie on an empty stomach
In-N-Out: a solution to everything, especially when done "animal-style" or as my dad once calls it, "doggy-style!"

All in all, we had a great date night which ended with warm pumpkin pie, beer pong, and a nice long chat around the hookah with some buddies.

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