I'm a SugarBombing dictator!

Posted by Anisha | Posted in | Posted on 11/13/2009

Some have a sweet tooth, but I like to think I have a set of sweet teeth.

I heart Sugar Bomber. As a matter of fact, it is one of my tabs on my tool bar and something I obsessively check, along with my email, Twitter, and Facebook. Sugar Bomber, powered by Citysearch, is a great resource!

I "discovered" this website when I was on Miss Diana's blog: http://dianatakesabite.blogspot.com, which leads me to why I started blogging:

'Twas a later summer's night and I was googling my way to a new restaurant in LA. I came across a hot pink-ed out blog with the cutest, witty anecdotes. From what I could tell by reading her blog, we had similar likes and dislikes. I decided to grow some balls, if you may, and email my new idol. Diana was and is nothing less than friendly and offered me some guidance regarding how to start a new blog. This blog wouldn't be around if it wasn't for her help and enthusiasm! Can't wait to meet her at some tweet up, or perhaps the Eat My Blog charity bake sale!

So here I am... trying to figure out my way in the blogosphere! I hope that my set of sweet teeth will help you find the coolest, yummiest baked goods, desserts, and sweet bites in Los Angeles (and other cities!)

Here are some fellow dictators and how they "make the world a little sweeter" w/ links to their blogs: http://sugarbomber.com/about/

Besan Ladoo

India Sweets & Groceries, Torrance


Chocolate Chip Brioche

Vie de France, Costa Mesa


Chocolate Cupcake

Huckleberry Cafe, Santa Monica


Chocolate Macaron
Lemonade, Beverly Hills


Chocolate Mousse Amaretto Cake

Phood on Main, Riverside


Creme Brulee Cappuccino
LAMILL Coffee, Silverlake

Ice Cream Sandwich Creation

Diddy Riese, Westwood


Green Tea Poppy Seed Muffin
Urth Caffe, West Hollywood

Mini Mint Chocolate Cupcake

Dots Cupcakes, Pasadena


Salted Caramel Gelato

N'Ice Cream on Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice


So what have you learned today class? Read and follow DianaTakesaBite and check out Sugar Bomber!

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