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Like any other normal girl my age, I love to shop. And as many of you know, I love to eat, learn techniques in the kitchen, bake to my heart's content, watch good food porn, amuse myself with bad food porn, and well just about anything else related to food.

My love for food coupled with my love for shopping can only result in this new found fascination: quirky party items & kitchen gadgets. This post is dedicated to the practical, the very impractical, and the "oh my goodness, I need to have those" novelties.

The search for the coolest kitchen gadgets known to household chef probably began when I was watching an episode of Alton Brown's Good Eats on the Food Network. Before he began to work on his meat, Brown washed his hands in the kitchen sink and I caught a glimpse of it. Thankfully, I have DVR at my new house and I rewound it over and over... and over. A colorful bird soap dispenser caught my eye. It was attached to the window with a suction cup and in one sweeping motion one can dispense soap by tipping the bird's beak! You can buy it here for $16.99.
[credit: Apartment Therapy]

A colander that... folds? The innovative Joseph Joseph had me at this square colander: the bright colors and square shape really won me over. That is, until I found this one:
[credit: Joseph Joseph]

My 21st birthday is almost here and I'm hoping that someone (hint hint, nudge nudge) would like to gift me with these unconventional, age-appropriate items:

The "Hopside Down." Pretty self-explanatory & effing awesome:

[credit for Hopside Down & Get A Grip: World Wide Fred]

Get A Grip. It reminds me of a lunch at Doe Jan in Arcadia with Carina (Uncouth Gourmands), Tony (SinoSoul) and his lovely wifey Hayon. Carina cutely documents "uncouth" moments with her digi cam and this product reminds me of our lunchy lunch. Although we did not sip on wine, I sure did get my soy milk fix.

[credit: World Wide Fred]

I'm a sucker for French toast or well, anything or anyone reminding me of my post high school trip to France with the family.
[credit: World Wide Fred]

And for every batter bowl-licking girl (or boy) out there, I present the Batterfinger. I saw it first online at Cupcakes Take the Cake and then once more at Yolk in Silver Lake, right next to LA MILL Coffee. The next time I'm in Silver Lake, this baby will be mine and will soon join its pals in the utensil drawer. Well worth its $12 price tag in my books, I'm going to celebrate with brownie batter.

No, but seriously, my birthday is coming up in six days :)

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