Lemonade on Beverly: mmm...refreshing!

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A trendy cafeteria for grown-ups, Lemonade li
es majestically on a raised platform on Beverly Boulevard. Tucked away from the bustling street, behind large bushes of what I think were yellow daisies (I'm a foodie, not a botanist), a cafeteria caters to the adult and not-so-adult tastes. Lemonade's stream-lined concept and eats are appealing to both the eyes and the taste buds.

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Aside from the thrill of trying new places to eat, I love to surprise my mom. One could argue, I spoil her more than parents can spoil an only child. Venturing out to West Hollywood was one such surprise that I had in store. I simply told her we're going to Lemonade to eat and to Robertson Blvd to window shop! When she asked whether there was food at Lemonade, I merely grinned.

My mom was floored at all of the perfect lunchtime options available. Lemonade trumped the serve-yourself food bars at the Whole Foods Market. Amused by her indecisiveness, our helpful server informed us that we could split a "side" into tw
o portions allowing us to sample more dishes. All I could say was, "How's this for a cafeteria, mom?" We finally settled on two split sides, four different "marketplace" salads from their menu. We choose:

1) Israeli couscous (truffle vinaigrette -- yum!),
quinoa, butternut squash and whole orange vinaigrette,
3) cherry tomat
oes and pine nuts in avocado, and
(hands down, my favorite) sweet potatoes with pistachios.

Each colorful "marketplace" side made my mouth water. Next time, I hope to try their hot/cold sandwiches, "protein," and hot portions! I love that their menu is ever-changing and dependent on the ingredients that are in season.

What kind of store would Lemonade be if they did not serve lemonade, right? Lemonade not only serves original, but also the following flavors: blueberry-mint, boysenberry, cucumber-mint, peach-ginger, strawberry, and watermelon-rosemary. My mom and I decided to sample two or three of their lemonades before making a final decision, but after trying the first sample of cucumber mint, we were sold! I'm not sure if their namesake rivaled Le Pain Quotidien's lemonade, but who can argue with Lemonade's range of flavors they offer in both regular and sugar-free? I think a side-by-side tasting is definitely necessary on a warm day in LA.

Their mini-cupcakes looked delectable and quite affordable for the college food junkie. I purchased three cupcakes for $1 each: red velvet, chocolate, and carrot cupcake. The cupcakes were the perfect "quick-fix;" when you want to eat something sweet after a meal, it has just the right amount of frosting:cupcake ratio (1:2). I think it'd be really cute and affordable to bring two dozen or so cupcakes for a birthday shindig!

I really wanted to try the lemon macaroon, but the chocoholic in me (and my mother) couldn't resist the chocolate one. Quite frankly, macaroons (to me) are going to be the new cupcakes. I love that this macaroon had a very flaky, moist exterior. I was lucky enough to have my first non-coconut French macaroon in Paris in the shopping center underneath the Louvre. The name of the chocolatier escapes me, but I was thrilled they handled the chocolate as if it were a piece of gold. I'd definitely recommend the chocolate macaroon, as it was triple the size of the typical, petite French macaroon.
Check out my review of the chocolate macaroon on Sugar Bomber:

I cannot wait to move closer to the downtown LA area to begin my career in accounting & finance, just because of lunch breaks at Lemonade. They're just perfect for take-out!

In the words of Paul Rudd in
Forgetting Sarah Marshall, "When life gives you lemons, say, 'F**k it!' and bail." Instead, hit up Lemonade! Props to Chef Alan & Heidi Jackson of Jackson Catering for their fabulous concept, food, and of course, lemonade!


9001 Beverly Boulevard
West Hollywood, CA 90048

515 South Flower Street
Downtown Los Angeles, CA 90071


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Mental note: Get thyself to Lemonade and order chocolate macaron.

Mental note to you: Get thee to Paulette and try their macarons and report back!

Will try Paulette! It's on my macaroon list!

P.S. I went to Boule for macaroons three weeks ago... to find out it is closed for business. Sad times.

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